A Country Experience - Beaufort and Skipton Health Service promotional video

We are happy to present this short promotional video about Beaufort and Skipton Health Service. There are lots of benefits to working in a small rural health service that offers such a wide range of services from Medical Practices, Acute care to Allied and Community Health. As you will see our staff build unique and rewarding relationships with our residents and the broader community; finding both Beaufort and Skipton a supportive environment to learn, train and work.

Here are just a few comments from our staff:

"Working in a small facility provides a lot more interaction with the people you work with and that way you get a grasp of how they are and how they normally react so it’s a lot easier to tell when they are a bit off or a bit under the weather"
Ewan Wallin, Personal Care Worker Trainee - Beaufort

"I would never go back to a bigger place after working here. Just knowing how much more satisfaction you get out of working in this smaller hospital and nursing home"
Laura Osborne, Recent Graduate Nurse now Senior Registered Nurse - Beaufort

"I can spend 40 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic trying to get 10kms along the road to the metropolitan hospital or I can spend 40 minutes on a rural highway coming out to a wonderful facility like this. I know where I’d rather spend my time...It’s more than just work"
Allison Hutchinson, Registered Nurse - Skipton